For once, Indian Express got it right on Modi in Aligarh; or Yogi in Dadri next week

Ashish Shukla

15th September 2021
For a change, Indian Express has got it right. It views the prime minister Narendra Modi heralding a state university in Aligarh in the name of a “Jat King”...

How Muslim dice is rolled by these “Seculars” to snatch Hindu’s homeland in Bengal

Debjani Bhattacharyya

7th March 2021
Election is in the air in West Bengal. Whispers are blowing aloud. Learnt, while travelling in Salim Sheikh’s cab, that Abbas Siddiqui is very much in...

Congress closer to split: Dissenters face heat from loyalists

Newsbred Staff

2nd March 2021
Much like the first time when the Gandhi loyalists had led a ferocious attack against the dissenters in party, this time too the G-23 club has the entire Congress...

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