Who is Donald Trump fooling on Iran?

Ashish Shukla

23th June 2019
I am not a stockbroker but if I was I would bet big against Donald Trump unleashing a war against Iran.

Subhas Bose’s final journey, in remembrance

Ashish Shukla

18th August 2018
(1945 was a tumultuous year in world history. Adolf Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered on May 8. Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima (August 6) and...

FBI papers: Churchill had planned to wipe out Russia

Russia Insider

11th April 2016
Declassified FBI papers clearly reveal that in the aftermath of World War II, US and UK had planned to completely wipe out Russia. 

Will a US president ever apologize?: 70th Hiroshima Anniversary

Ashish Shukla

7th August 2015
"Will an American president ever offer a formal apology?"



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