Pak has a running stomach on India heading terror committee in UN

Sanjay K. Sharma

15th January 2021
The Pakistani diplomats are apprehensive about India getting Chair of three United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committees, which they believe can be baleful to the...

4 out of 5 Pakistanis reject Imran Khan’s governance in a survey

Newsbred Staff

17th December 2020
Four out of five Pakistanis feel that Imran Khan was leading the country in the wrong direction, as per the latest research by IPSOs.

Pak wanted Kashmir on agenda of Islamic nations; OIC gives it a royal ignore

Bhumika Arora

26th November 2020
For Pakistan, it has become a new normal to get social embarrassment on global platforms. In another major humiliation, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)-an...

After UAE, now France makes a public spectacle of Imran’s Pakistan

Newsbred Staff

20th November 2020
France has refused to provide the technical know-how needed for upgradation of Mirage fighter jets in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). It has also refused to help it upgrade its...

Beijing military expert marvels at India’s retaliatory attack on Pakistan

Sanjay K. Sharma

20th November 2020
A Beijing expert has hailed Indian army’s retaliatory attack which killed 6-8 Pakistani soldiers after the enemy nation had indiscriminately lobbed grenades and...

I am lining up for visa outside Taiwanese “embassy”: And you jolly well do too

Ashish Shukla

17th October 2020
Well, well, well…I am interested in Taiwan. We all should be now that we know China doesn’t like it one bit.

“March to Islamabad”: Beginning of end of Imran Khan?

Newsbred Staff

11th October 2020
Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan faces his biggest test yet as 11 leaders of Pakistan’s top opposition parties have joined forces against the Pakistan military...

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