BJP in Jammu has only the Modi card to play with: It could come back to bite

Sant Kumar Sharma

7th September 2021
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is fast losing its support base in the Jammu region from where it had won 25 out of 37 seats in the legislative assembly elections in...

80% of Jammu is hills; only 20% is Kashmir Valley: Delimitation can’t be a one-pony trick

Sant Kumar Sharma

10th July 2021
Population is one of the criteria, not the only one, used for delimiting territorial constituencies for different legislatures, be it state legislative assemblies, or the...

Delimitation: Abdullah’s party now preening on principles is so shameless in light of history

Sant Kumar Sharma

9th July 2021
A National Conference (NC) delegation comprising five important leaders from the Jammu region, led by provincial president D S Rana met Delimitation Commission members...

India looks to deploy Israel’s anti-drone technology soon

Newsbred Staff

30th June 2021
The Indian forces are set to get a major boost to their surveillance capabilities as they are shortly making a decision soon on the deployment of anti-drone technology at...

Drone attack on Jammu’s Air Force Station: Little damage; two suspects held

Newsbred Staff

27th June 2021
In a terror attack, two low-intensity blasts happened inside the technical area of the Air Force Station in Jammu within a five-minute interval on Sunday. The Indian Air...

5 out of 10 districts in Jammu have no functional Oxygen Generation Plants

Sant Kumar Sharma

14th May 2021
For the past few days, medical oxygen supplies have come into sharp focus as there have been allegations of its shortage, not only in the Union Territory (UT) of...

Azad praises Modi: Congress looks headed for a split as G-23 dissenters are defiant

Newsbred Staff

28th February 2021
There are telltale signs of a Congress split—and it could happen before the promised elections for the president’s post in June. 

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