Dalit-Sikh CM? I thought Sikhism didn’t believe in caste and discrimination

Ashish Shukla

21st September 2021
There is no sense looking at the 2022 Punjab polls from the perspective of BJP even though it’s going solo and aims to contest all 117 seats. 

For once, Indian Express got it right on Modi in Aligarh; or Yogi in Dadri next week

Ashish Shukla

15th September 2021
For a change, Indian Express has got it right. It views the prime minister Narendra Modi heralding a state university in Aligarh in the name of a “Jat King”...

Conceding on caste-census would bring India to knees; it would be ungovernable

Ashish Shukla

24th August 2021
India, as we know it, is in trouble. There are big regional parties such as RJD, JD (U), SP or BSP who are clamouring for caste-based census. The ruling Bharatiya Janata...

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