Stolen History: When Thousands of brahmins were killed in wake of Gandhi’s death

Bhumika Arora

1st February 2021
It was early days in 1948. Around five months had passed since India gained independence. Mahatma Gandhi was distressed after witnessing the communal disharmony among...

How was Abdullah patriarch “Sher-I-Kashmir”? When Hari Singh is accused for the same “crime”?

Sant Kumar Sharma

31st October 2020
The battles for saving the Kashmir valley had started on October 27 itself, the very first day the Indian troops had landed in Srinagar around 8.30 am. A day earlier, on...

Only if New Delhi had paid heed to revealed designs of Pakistan in 1947

Sant Kumar Sharma

18th October 2020
Jammu and Kashmir has remained a critical issue before the Indian government ever since independence and creation of Pakistan on August 14/15, 1947. Officially, the...

The Last Maharaja: Jammu & Kashmir is only now waking up to his greatness

Sant Kumar Sharma

23rd September 2020
Amar Mahal, located in Jammu city on the west bank of Tawi river, once a palace, is now a well-known museum, frequented by tourists. The locals too throng the beautiful...

All in the Great Game: When China wanted Pakistan to cede PoK to India!

Sant Kumar Sharma

3rd September 2020
When last did the United Nations (UN) formally discuss the Jammu and Kashmir issue? Once we get the correct answer to that, perhaps a lot of misconceptions about J&K...

Omar Abdullah: “Centre breaking up PDP; we could join hands with them”

Newsbred Staff

20th August 2020
Omar Abdullah, former Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) chief minister, has claimed that the Narendra Modi government is currently focussed on breaking up the People’s...

Modi is now the longest serving PM, barring Congress

Deepika Anjna

14th August 2020
Atal Bihari Vajpayee served as the Prime Minister (PM) of India for 2,268 days if all of his terms were combined. On Thursday, PM Narendra Modi surpassed his tenure and...

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