63% per cent of Covid-19 cases are in Congress-ruled states; BJP’s 22%

Newsbred Staff

7th April 2021
Covid-19 cases are zooming in India and as many as 63% of them have been recorded in Congress-ruled/alliance states: Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Punjab and...

The Maoist attack is the last kick of the dying dog: New India is different

Ashish Shukla

5th April 2021
Much as it has saddened the countrymen and much as our thoughts are with the killed brave soldiers, the Left-wing extremists in the name of Communist Party of India...

Soren bans Ram Navami in Jharkhand, says report: BJP plans stir

Newsbred Staff

31st March 2021
The Hemant Soren government has banned the Ram Navami celebrations in Jharkhand, as per The Organiser.

36% in Bengal; 26% in Assam by noon: Voting in first phase of assembly polls

Newsbred Staff

27th March 2021
The voting was gradually picking up in the first phase elections with Bengal recording 36.09% by noon while Assam’s data at this stage was 26.37%. 

Where do you think Citizen is at the centre: Panchayat or Municipality?

Veeresh Malik

5th March 2021
Lately, lots of Panchayats and Municipalities elections are becoming front-page news, more so if AAP or Congress do well in some dusty hamlets. An educated guess of...

This Adani-Ambani rant is sickening: AndolanJeevis are pushing India into Dark Ages

Shantanu Guha Ray

2nd March 2021
It disturbs me as being a corporate, and a successful one at that, is bandied about as some sin in India. And I would’ve thought ours as a liberalised economy was...

Item number, Congress’ farm-protest rally style

Newsbred Staff

21st February 2021

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