Covid-19 vaccines: West is busy harvesting the funerals; But you don’t like India

Ashish Shukla

20th March 2021
West is busy harvesting the funerals. Covid-19 vaccine, anyway, is a $100 billion dollar business. How much is $100billion? To give readers an idea, Russia makes $15b...

Covid-19 vaccines are India’s gift to the world, says US scientist

Newsbred Staff

8th March 2021
India true to its sobriquet- the Pharmacy of the world—is setting goals by becoming a major global player in the world; partnering with different countries and...

What if India is not vaccinated by end of 2021? Who do you think we should blame?

Bhumika Arora

16th December 2020
Imagine a very different 2021 festive atmosphere from the one that we are just experiencing. A year from now, December 2021, India is amid a massive vaccination...

How Barack Obama played his hand in ensuring Donald Trump is not re-elected

Ashish Shukla

19th November 2020
As the excerpts are beginning to flood our newspapers, TV and digital media, the latest one tells us about how the United States had planned to take out Osama bin Laden...

Moderna to seek FDA emergency approval for vaccine after Nov. 25

Deepika Anjna

6th October 2020
The vaccine invented by the scientists of Moderna is likely to win the global race of producing a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus.

Insiders pocket $1 billion on promise of Coronavirus vaccine

Newsbred Staff

26th July 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic is yielding big profits to executives and stockholders of a few pharmaceutical companies even if their promise of vaccine/drugs might never pan...

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