Hinduphobia in academia: An agenda which shows no stopping

Bhumika Arora

28th January 2021
When Britishers invaded India, they not only enslaved the country but dented the entire cultural and historical reading of India. 

Now Kerala’s school textbooks don’t mention Sushruta, “father of surgery”

Newsbred Staff

17th January 2021
After the reports of the NCERT textbook not having any information regarding high claims that Mughals gave grants to rebuild temples, another news has emerged from...

NCERT doesn’t know why its school-books are lauding Mughal emperors!

Bhumika Arora

14th January 2021
It’s a reflection of India’s present school books, and the “lies” it could be teaching innocent youngs, when National Council of Education...

Girl students in the clutches of pandemic: A tale of future on hold

Bhumika Arora

1st January 2021
The dates have been changed on the calendar. We have finally stepped into 2021 with the hope that everything will soon go back to normal. While the economies have started...

Syllabus row: HRD minister slams the “false narrative” of uninformed

Newsbred Staff

9th July 2020
It seems there is no end to the malicious lies being spread by the politicians, media and academicians against the present Modi government.

Digvijay Singh is not the only "saffron terror" mongerer

Ashish Shukla

19th April 2019
It’s Digvijay Singh’s moment of truth on “saffron terror.” Sadhvi Pragya probably would make him pay for it in Bhopal. There are many though who...

Why Muslims owe a lot to Sardar Patel

Ashish Shukla

31st October 2017
This is the centenary of the year when Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel first met Mahatma Gandhi and India got its unifier as we know the nation today. His birth anniversary, which falls...

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