Maharashtra is letting India down big time; Shot-for-all demand is shifting goal-posts: Dr Vardhan

Newsbred Staff

7th April 2021
Union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has slammed a few state government functionaries for asking to open up vaccination to everyone above the age of 18 when “the...

Covid-19: How much truth is in the “Herd Theory” we keep hearing about?

Bhumika Arora

25th February 2021
Centre has been quick to dispatch its team to troubled nine states where Coronavirus is on surge. We had almost left the pandemic in the recess of memory but now its...

Supreme Court, almost overnight, is less intimidating

Veeresh Malik

13th January 2021
With one stroke of a pen, the Supreme Court of India has come centre-stage like never before, on the Farm Laws issue. Across India, much more than anything else, and way...

Rajini takes plunge into politics: Would BJP now align with him and change equations in TN?

Newsbred Staff

3rd December 2020
Tamil Nadu politics is all set to see a major upheaval as matinee idol Rajinikanth has announced that he will make an announcement regarding his party on December 31. He...

Taiwan has gone without a Covid-19 case for 200 days: Let that sink in

Newsbred Staff

31st October 2020
Taiwan has 23 million people, a figure close to Australia's. And it hasn't a single Covid-19 case to report in the last 200 days. That’s over six months. A spell...

New Study on India: And you thought children didn’t spread Covid-19

Newsbred Staff

1st October 2020
A new study on raging Coronavirus pandemic in India has made the startling discovery that children are no less carriers of the virus than seniors.

Moaners on high-end restaurants are mostly Page-3 puffs in our newspapers

Veeresh Malik

20th August 2020
Here are three articles related to each other. The first one talks about how 40% of restaurants in India will probably not re-open because of the Pandemic...

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