Supreme Court, almost overnight, is less intimidating

Veeresh Malik

13th January 2021
With one stroke of a pen, the Supreme Court of India has come centre-stage like never before, on the Farm Laws issue. Across India, much more than anything else, and way...

Rajini takes plunge into politics: Would BJP now align with him and change equations in TN?

Newsbred Staff

3rd December 2020
Tamil Nadu politics is all set to see a major upheaval as matinee idol Rajinikanth has announced that he will make an announcement regarding his party on December 31. He...

Taiwan has gone without a Covid-19 case for 200 days: Let that sink in

Newsbred Staff

31st October 2020
Taiwan has 23 million people, a figure close to Australia's. And it hasn't a single Covid-19 case to report in the last 200 days. That’s over six months. A spell...

New Study on India: And you thought children didn’t spread Covid-19

Newsbred Staff

1st October 2020
A new study on raging Coronavirus pandemic in India has made the startling discovery that children are no less carriers of the virus than seniors.

Moaners on high-end restaurants are mostly Page-3 puffs in our newspapers

Veeresh Malik

20th August 2020
Here are three articles related to each other. The first one talks about how 40% of restaurants in India will probably not re-open because of the Pandemic...

Kaushik Basu’s rant on lockdowns sullies a magnificent India in Corona pandemic

Ashish Shukla

8th July 2020
Kaushik Basu, Indian Express, Corona Virus, pandemic, Norway, Sweden, lockdowns, migrants, India, Narendra Modi, Kejriwal, IMF, UPA-2, OpEd, laissez-faire, 10 Janpath,...

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