My child can see the “lies” in this Pegasus narrative against the Modi govt. Why can’t you?

Ashish Shukla

19th July 2021
First the claims: a news portal The Wire claims on Sunday that 40 Indian journalists have been snooped upon. Israeli spyware Pegasus is behind it, presumably at the...

Money always leaves trail: And don’t you think this government is sitting on its bum

Veeresh Malik

27th January 2021
In the midst of the outrage over the insurrection by so-called "farmers" in Delhi on Republic Day are some simple facts which tend to get covered up as binaries and...

Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics still looks a non-starter; Mayhem in sporting world

Ravi Kant Singh

18th November 2020
It appears to be a wait in vain for the Japan Olympic Committee and the Tokyo city officials for the Olympic Games. The global pandemic due to the Covid19 virus looks all...

Beheaded, by an Islamist, Samuel Paty gets France’s highest award

Bhumika Arora

21st October 2020
Samuel Paty, the 47-year-old history teacher, who was beheaded by a radical Islamist in Paris last week, will posthumously get France’s highest award, the...

If India Burns: This murder is a clue but we all can’t hear the footsteps of doom

Ashish Shukla

20th October 2020
You must not have heard of Samuel Paty. Well, he was the 47-year-old high school teacher who was beheaded in Paris for showing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in...

Two aircrafts collide near Paris; Five succumb, probe on

Newsbred Staff

11th October 2020
Two aircraft have collided in France which has led to the death of five people. An Ultra-light aeroplane collided with another small plane killing five humans. The two...

As Muslims run riot, violence is compared to Charlie Hebdo in Bengaluru

Newsbred Staff

12th August 2020
Two dead. 60 police personnel seriously injured. 110 accused of arson, stone-pelting and assault on the police arrested. And all this because a section of Muslims in...

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