While Bhopal Gas Tragedy was fresh, Rajiv Gandhi chose to renovate PM Office

Newsbred Staff

26th May 2021
Former Congress prime minister Rajiv Gandhi chose to renovate his prime minister’s office- just a few months after one of the world’s biggest...

States could soon have 15-day advance delivery of vaccines: Modi

Newsbred Staff

18th May 2021
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while interacting with field officials from states and districts regarding the covid-19 virus, said that continuous efforts are being made...

Kejriwal’s “importing tankers” claim is being disputed by Indians’ body in Thailand

Newsbred Staff

28th April 2021
Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, his credibility presently lower than the Oxygen he is able to transport around the Capital, has been caught allegedly lying once...

Bamboos are set to take roots: We can start counting bounty

Sant Kumar Sharma

13th January 2021
The fragrance of agarbattis (incense) rolled in Jammu will soon spread far and wide as the government plans to set up a special cluster for doing so. The production of...

A giant step towards 2024; A mega leap in the history of Jammu and Kashmir

Sant Kumar Sharma

4th January 2021
The government of India has ambitions plans for harnessing the hydropower potential available in Jammu and Kashmir. Presently, 3,504 MW of electricity is generated and in...

Did Vajpayee and Modi really differ on Kashmir? Or a myth has taken hold in Valley?

Sant Kumar Sharma

26th December 2020
In Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Kashmir Valley, a perception prevails that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policies are very different from that of Atal Behari...

Modi gets first-hand update on three Covid-19 vaccines in the making

Newsbred Staff

28th November 2020
Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and then Pune on Saturday to know first hand about "preparations, challenges and roadmap" in India's efforts to...

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