Reporter’s arrest in Maharashtra: Where is US Congress now?

Newsbred Staff

11th September 2020
In the heat on Kangana Ranaut-Shiv Sena and Rhea Chakraborty saga, a chilling state of affairs in Maharashtra is being lost on the nation. And it’s the third day...

Bhushan’s worry far from over; could still be barred from practice

Newsbred Staff

5th September 2020
The troubles for Prashant Bhushan seem far from over. After paying up the fine having been held “guilty” of “contempt of court” by the Supreme...

Bhushan, you must listen to this story: Arundhati you pay heed

Ashish Shukla

1st September 2020
There was once a mighty kingdom. The King gave his two princes a few years to prove their worth. The first one had only the good of people on mind. He would go on rounds,...

Pay up Rs 1 as fine or face 3-year practice bar and 3 months jail: SC to Bhushan

Newsbred Staff

31th August 2020
Lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan must pay up Rs 1 as fine by September 15 or he would not only be imprisoned for three months but he would also be banned from...

SC rejects Bhushan’s pleadings, grants him 2-3 extra days to express “remorse”

Deepika Anjna

20th August 2020
The Supreme Court has today given a window to controversial advocate Prashant Bhushan, held “guilty” for contempt of court, to escape jail by expressing...

As elites worry on Bhushan's jail, what about “contempt” for us ordinary folks?

Veeresh Malik

19th August 2020
Early this morning a very good friend who lives in the jungle and by the sea, has a life in industry, media and wildlife, works on water and on land, called me up from a...

As Bhushan worries on sentence, Lutyens Media gets into overdrive to stop it

Ashish Shukla

15th August 2020
“For SC, two tweets a bid to shake key pillar of democracy”. This is the headline Indian Express has given on Supreme Court holding senior lawyer Prashant...

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