NYT report on Russian bounty on American troops turns out to be fake; leaves Biden red-faced

Newsbred Staff

17th April 2021
The United States intelligence community backed away from the report that Russian intelligence operatives encouraged the Taliban to attack American troops in Afghanistan...

Most Americans disapprove of Joe Biden on immigration, border crisis

Newsbred Staff

7th April 2021
A majority of Americans disapprove of president Joe Biden’s immigration policies and handling of the US-Mexico border crisis. 

Radical Left rigged elections, want to destroy US: Trump

Newsbred Staff

4th April 2021
Former US president Donald Trump wished Americans a happy Easter and had a message for Leftist Democrats too: “Happy Easter to All, including the Radical Left...

Democrats “control” of US media is a tyranny, says a ruling Judge

Newsbred Staff

25th March 2021
The American people are presently trapped in a Catch-22 situation in that any criticism that is levelled against the U.S. mainstream media is channeled away from social...

Trump’s supporters won’t take Chinese vaccine; finds Poll

Newsbred Staff

13th March 2021
Almost half of former President Trump’s supporters don’t plan to take a CCP virus vaccine according to a poll by NPR, PBS and Marist. 

“Republicans can win 2022 by following Trump’s lead”

Newsbred Staff

25th February 2021
Sen. Lindsey Graham has urged Republicans to unify and get behind former President Donald Trump in order to win both House and Senate majorities in 2022.

Impeachment: A plot to stop Trump from running for office again fails

Newsbred Staff

14th February 2021
Never before a United States president has been impeached twice. Indeed, there were three attempts—the first in 2017 failed. The second one in 2019 succeeded. But...

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