How Barack Obama played his hand in ensuring Donald Trump is not re-elected

Ashish Shukla

19th November 2020
As the excerpts are beginning to flood our newspapers, TV and digital media, the latest one tells us about how the United States had planned to take out Osama bin Laden...

US Elections: You won’t have the winner for days; months if it goes to Courts

Newsbred Staff

3rd November 2020
Tens of millions of Americans are casting their votes on Nov. 3 in an election that has already broken turnout records before the polls opened on Election Day.

Indian-Americans think before you vote: This man set our Space programme back by decades

Ashish Shukla

15th October 2020
In the forthcoming US presidential elections, Democrat faces—Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—are oozing charm to woo the sizeable Indian Americans, 1.9 million...

FB, Twitter are for “radical Left”, legal steps needed, says Donald Trump

Deepika Anjna

28th September 2020
US President Donald Trump said the government is eyeing “concrete legal steps” against social media sites that he alleges are censoring conservatives online,...

Indian-Americans would vote for me come November 3: Donald Trump

Deepika Anjna

5th September 2020
US President Donald Trump thinks that Indian-Americans would vote in his favour on November 3 in the presidential elections.

Swarajyamag, OpIndia: Who are their counterparts in world?

Ashish Shukla

19th September 2019
First, the bitter truth. You are fed lies by the mainstream media.

Why Modi is leaning on Washington

12th June 2016
With the Islamic world on its West and China's shadow on its east, Modi has begun to lean on Washington. 

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