You could pay for vaccination of needy if you want so, suggests new policy

Newsbred Staff

8th June 2021
Prime minister Narendra Modi has proposed “Each One, Pay One” policy, allowing those who could afford it to pay for Covid-19 vaccines for the needy. 

Massive Rs 423-crore scam in Hyderabad, Gurgaon: Loan Apps trapped customers

Bhumika Arora

24th December 2020
In a shocking event, the Hyderabad Police on Tuesday has arrested 11 people operating a money lending scam through app-based instant loan companies in which they lend...

India’s foreign exchange reserves jumped highest ever in last week

Newsbred Staff

5th September 2020
India’s foreign exchange reserves have reached the highest it has ever so far: It jumped by $3.883 billion during the week ending August 28, as per a report in the...

When even RBI supplied fake currency!!!

Newsbred Staff

12th December 2016
All the chairpersons and MDs of India’s top banks were meeting at Reserve Bank of India’s headquarters on the 15th floor of the Mint Street office in a special session...

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