Royal snub: Saudi Arabia removes Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistan’s map

Bhumika Arora

28th October 2020
In removing Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistan’s map, Saudi Arabia seems to have rubbed its prime minister Imran Khan’s nose on the ground.

Zakir Naik wants visiting Indians to be put in jail in Islamic countries if they have insulted Islam

Deepika Anjna

23th October 2020
In his attempt to instigate the gulf countries, Zakir Naik, the Islamic preacher has asked them to put those Indians in jail who are not Muslims if they are found...

So Modi’s men want to maximise India’s surplus land: Waqf Boards anyone?

Ashish Shukla

22th October 2020
I woke up this morning to the news that Modi’s men want to maximize its land within India. I mean it’s alright to secure our borders but what about...

Saudi king Salman gives a mouthful to Iran in United Nations

Newsbred Staff

25th September 2020
Iran got a mouthful in the United Nations General Assembly from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman who is now 85-year-old but has left the day-to-day running of affairs to...

Shias could have their revenge in the form of Pakistan’s own Hezbollah

Sanjay K. Sharma

21th September 2020
In recent times, massive rallies of up to 30,000 protestors have targeted Shias in Pakistan; on Karachi’s major highways, MA Jinnah and Saeed Manzil road; chanting...

Bollywood “finished”, and so is “loot” from India: What’s left of Pakistan?

Ashish Shukla

14th September 2020
How does Shia-Sunni sectarian strife in Pakistan impact India? To understand this better, you have to accept that this is nothing new in Pakistan

Russia begins public supply of Covid vaccine; Trials in India this month

Bhumika Arora

8th September 2020
In a recent development related to the Covid-19 vaccine, the health ministry of Russia on Tuesday has confirmed that their authorities have released the first batch of...

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