Amitabh decodes Connery’s death date and finds a strange coincidence

Newsbred Staff

1st November 2020
Bond, James Bond. The man who had immortalised these words on the screen, Sir Sean Connery, had passed into eternity on Saturday. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan...

Bihar votes 53.23 percent in the first phase of assembly elections

Newsbred Staff

28th October 2020
Bihar voted 53.23 percent in the first of the three-phase assembly elections today, a remarkable figure as it’s being held in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic.

Astrologers vary in figures to Exit Polls

Sanjay K. Sharma

20th May 2019
Why Exit Polls alone? Astrologers and betting market have their own arithmetic and they often prove pollsters wrong.

Sinha and Sidhu are birds of same feather

Sanjay K. Sharma

28th April 2019
Turncoat Shatrughan Sinha has stirred up a hornet’s nest by claiming that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the sole reason for India’s horrific Partition and creation of...

RJD-Congress cracks are now out in open

Sanjay K. Sharma

1st April 2019
The bonhomie and the cohesion amongst the various constituents of ‘Grand Alliance’in Bihar, including Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Congress, is soon...

And that’s what they made of Modi’s foreign tours all these years

Ashish Shukla

4th March 2019
I want to bring you a capsule of jibes and insults smeared on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and name them who mocked his foreign visits so in his second term, you remember them for...

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