BJP, Citizens, Media: The good, bad and ugly which miss us

Ashish Shukla

17th January 2021
You cast your eyes around India’s map, pore over its 28 States and 8 Union Territories and see BJP shining though our newspapers don't know it. 

Massive Rs 423-crore scam in Hyderabad, Gurgaon: Loan Apps trapped customers

Bhumika Arora

24th December 2020
In a shocking event, the Hyderabad Police on Tuesday has arrested 11 people operating a money lending scam through app-based instant loan companies in which they lend...

Majority of Indian farmers in support of farm laws, finds a survey

Bhumika Arora

22nd December 2020
An overwhelming number of farmers in 22 States from around the country are in support of new farm laws, a new survey by News 18 Network has revealed.  

Telangana village builds a Sonu Sood Temple: “I don’t deserve,” says actor

Newsbred Staff

21st December 2020
Film actor Sonu Sood now has a temple built in Telangana in recognition of his philanthropic work. A humbled Sood has tweeted, he “doesn’t deserve” the...

Rajasthan could be slipping out of Congress’ hands: Telltale signs are aplenty

Ashish Shukla

10th December 2020
One needs to keep a close watch on Rajasthan. The ground might be slipping underneath Congress and Ashok Gehlot government in the state. The chief minister had recently...

You must’ve read of “Poor Farmers” but never really met them: Here’s your chance

Veeresh Malik

5th December 2020
All of the last few days I have been listening to different variants of "but think of the poor farmer" in context with the Farm Acts 2020 and the agitation against its...

“Farce of Farmers”: No Indian could be neutral at this hour; which side are you on?

Ashish Shukla

1st December 2020
Let there be no doubt that it’s not about farmers. Think of all the reasons you could and I would demolish it clinically. MSP? “Farmers” are worried...

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