Times of India apologises to Russia on a piece, termed “fake news”

Newsbred Staff

14th February 2021
Responding to a strong letter written by Russian ambassador to India Nikolay Kushadev, The Times of India on Saturday apologised to Russia. Kushadev had taken strong...

Greta Thunberg and other puppets: How do you mark them out? Never forgive, never forget

Ashish Shukla

4th February 2021
  And see how they have reacted to Greta Thunberg, the child that she is, inadvertently releasing the document of Global Conspiracy against India and then...

Ayyub wants his 7th wife after 6th refuses to have sex with him

Newsbred Staff

25th January 2021
Gujarat farmer Ayyub Degiya, as per a Times of India report, is looking for his seventh wife after his sixth one refused to have sex with him after learning that he...

Sunny Leone carries a scar from her childhood

Newsbred Staff

21st January 2021
Sunny Leone recently recounted in an interview about how something toxic has had its effect on her throughout her life. 

Bengal is sloshing in unaccounted money: Why media is ignoring the obvious

Ashish Shukla

16th January 2021
I don’t blame you if you haven’t come across news on Income Tax raiding wholesale traders of fruits, among others, in Kolkata and unearthing...

India in British Parliament: Times of India has a lot to answer

Ashish Shukla

14th January 2021
Times of India has a lot to answer its discerning readers on a front-page story which, for want of a better word, appears part of an agenda if not a plant. 

Rohit Sharma is in Australia; Vengsarkar offers a quirky solution

Newsbred Staff

21st December 2020
Rohit Sharma is presently undergoing his 14-day mandatory quarantine period in Sydney. While all eyes are on him if he would be available to the Indian cricket team in...

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