Chinese Community Party officials threaten to nuke Japan on Taiwan issue

Newsbred Staff

15th July 2021
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials in northwestern China appear to be advocating a "continuous" atomic bombing of Japan after their social media account shared a...

Mia Khalifa accused of siding with US in fuelling protest in Cuba

Newsbred Staff

14th July 2021
Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, during his television address, has accused former adult-film star Mia Khalifa of fuelling the protests against the Communist...

India has done most vaccination after US, says Dr Harsh Vardhan

Newsbred Staff

8th June 2021
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Monday informed that India is the second quickest country to vaccinate 23 crore people in 141 days just after the United States...

India backs WHO probe on origin of Covid-19 virus

Newsbred Staff

28th May 2021
India, on Friday, came out in favour of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) global study on the origin of Covid-19 and termed it “an important first step”...

Covaxin approval by WHO: Bharat Biotech to submit remaining papers next month

Newsbred Staff

25th May 2021
While some countries are preparing to resume global travel, some people are discovering that their choice of vaccine could determine where they’re allowed to go. ...

Covid-19 profits made nine persons become billionaires

Newsbred Staff

20th May 2021
“Excessive profits” from covid-19 jabs has made at least nine billionaires since the beginning of the covid pandemic with the CEOs of Moderna and BioNTech...

Shekhar Gupta, let’s see how much you know about snake-oil salesman

Ashish Shukla

17th May 2021
Propaganda has a book by the same name from Edward Bernays who guided the United States into both Great Wars. It’s a Bible to propagandists and a few of...

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