Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for UAE-Israel deal

Bhumika Arora

10th September 2020
The United States President, Donald Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021 for his role in brokering a deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Hydrogen Bomb and its “top secrets” are now in public domain

Deepika Anjna

30th August 2020
In 1952, the United States used the world's first hydrogen bomb with 700 times greater destructive force than the atomic bomb used to destroy Hiroshima.

Kamala Harris, of Indian lineage, is Joe Biden’s running mate in US elections

Newsbred Staff

12th August 2020
Kamala Harris spent time in Lusaka Zambia in the late 1960s. Her maternal grandfather, an Indian civil servant, was on an assignment in Africa.

A few who wish Coronavirus pandemic never ends and goes on and on….

Bhumika Arora

2nd August 2020
Coronavirus pandemic might be bad news for the world but there are a few who wouldn’t like it to end anytime soon. Amazon, and its owner Jeff Bezos, are raking in...

Why China is not bothered at the world screaming in its ears?

Ashish Shukla

28th July 2020
There is a reason why China doesn’t give a damn to retaliatory measures by the United States, Europe, India or anyone else for that matter.

India, Russia could ink pact sharing defence logistics

Newsbred Staff

22th July 2020
India could be having a formal arrangement with Russia on sharing defence logistics, including access to military bases for both, as per a report.

China moves to turn Iran into a client-state; stakes up for India

Ashish Shukla

12th July 2020
India would watch with concern a blood-pact in the making between China and Iran which could mean trouble both at home and abroad.

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