Why AP’s aggressive plan on Travel and Tourism could be a White Paper for other States

Ashish Shukla

20th December 2020
I like the way Andhra Pradesh is going about its travel and tourism vision for the next five years though I must admit what first caught my eye was a report in October...

Solar eclipse at Kurukshetra is centre of Vedic Bharatvarsh

Surya Sarathi Roy

29th October 2020
Through centuries, Kurukshetra has retained its magnetic spiritual pull for the devotees and people desirous to discover the Vedic Bharatvarsh and the solar cclipse at...

British police return stolen idols of Vijayanagara period to India

Deepika Anjna

16th September 2020
The British police have handed over 3 stolen idols of Bhagwan Ram, Mata Sita, and Laxman belonging to the 15th century to the Indian consulate in London.

Paatal Lok: How abusing Hindu gods passed your muster, Ms Anushka

Ashish Shukla

22nd May 2020
I cringed watching Paatal Lok.  Kutiya (bitch) is a word used in everyday life for a women of no-character. A bed-hopping adulteress. In the serial, a...

Disorder and its role in Hinduism

Newsbred Staff

2nd February 2017
In the Vedas and Upanishads, and in the vast canon of classical writings in Sanskrit, we see many context-sensitive and flexible ways of dealing with chaos and difference. The...

Why Vedas are critical for modern world

Newsbred Staff

13th September 2016
Colonialist historians appropriated Indian past for their own purposes. What they left for us was a mutilated version of Indian past. 

Why “Shaktimaan” matters and not cows

Ashish Shukla

1st August 2016
When Shaktimaan the horse is injured to death, our media’s hysteria lasts over a month. When millions of cows are illegally slaughtered, not a word is written. Why?

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