Bengal begs a solution: Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

Ashish Shukla

4th May 2021
It’s a pogrom if not a genocide which has been unleashed in West Bengal post 2021 assembly elections. It’s not yet Direct Action Day of 1946, and...

Why has Rahul Gandhi not vaccinated himself so far, asks Prasad

Newsbred Staff

9th April 2021
Why has Congress leader Rahul Gandhi not taken the vaccine shot yet?- A question Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad raised today  in a series of tweets,...

I wonder if Rahul Gandhi has heard of Jai Chands and Mir Jafars: And how they hurt India

Ashish Shukla

3rd April 2021
If the United States indeed was to pay heed to advice of Rahul Gandhi, and intervene in India, the history of future could venture a comparison between the Congress...

Modi gives a masterclass on new Farm Acts; nails Opposition down

Bhumika Arora

25th December 2020
That prime minister Narendra Modi would address nine crore farmers from six states via video conference and distribute Rs 18,000 crores to the community on Friday was...

Rahul Gandhi meets family of PFI member, arrested in Hathras case

Deepika Anjna

21st October 2020
Rahul Gandhi met the family of journalist Siddique Kappan on Wednesday in Kalapetta, Kerala at a rest house. Kappan has been linked with the Popular Front of India (PFI)...

Rahul disapproves but Kamal Nath refuses to apologise on “item” remark

Newsbred Staff

20th October 2020
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has disapproved of Kamal Nath having called a woman BJP minister of the state “item” but the latter is unwilling to apologies. ...

Rahul Gandhi denied to inaugurate school in own constituency by Kerala’s Left government

Newsbred Staff

17th October 2020
Kerala government has denied permission to Congress scion Rahul Gandhi to attend the online inauguration of a school building in his constituency in Wayanad.

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