Modi’s 2.5 crore vaccination high: How do you think his opponents have reacted?

Bhumika Arora

18th September 2021
India achieved a momentous milestone in its Covid-19 vaccination drive by administering over 2.5 crore vaccine doses on Friday, setting a new record on Prime Minister...

8 EU nations exempt Covishield for travel as an approved vaccine

Newsbred Staff

1st July 2021
Eight European states — Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Iceland, Spain, and Switzerland have included Covishield on their list of approved vaccines will be...

Bharat Biotech to submit Covaxin phase-3 trial data to WHO by June 23

Newsbred Staff

17th June 2021
India's indigenous Covid vaccine Covaxin has submitted its phase-3 clinical trial data to World Health Organization (WHO) for its authorization.  According to a...

“Covid-19 is airborne; Sanitizers, hand-washing no solution; droplets no evidence”

Newsbred Staff

16th April 2021
Medical journal Lancet has found “strong, consistent evidence” that Covid-19 virus is predominantly transmitted through the air. 

India beating China in Vaccine Diplomacy is one side; there is another one to the story

Bhumika Arora

27th February 2021
Under prime minister Narendra Modi, a remarkable India isn’t mired in the Covid-19 crisis which, let’s admit, is far from over. Instead, it’s engaging...

Why China is blocking probe into Covid-19 origin: Now even WHO is upset

Newsbred Staff

6th January 2021
World Health Organization’s head on Tuesday has expressed his displeasure for China has still not given the authorized entry to the team of international experts...

FDA approves Remdesivir as Corona drug; Not good enough though to prevent deaths

Bhumika Arora

23rd October 2020
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Remdesivir drug for treating Covid-19, making it the first and only drug so far to have received federal approval for the...

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