Ashish Shukla

Ayodhya case: Now the fake charade of “title dispute” has begun

9th March 2019
Ever so subtly, an attempt has been made today to stress that the title of the land, and not religious sentiment, should guide the hand of the mediation team and thereafter Supreme...

Prashant Bhushan may have pushed his luck too far this time

8th March 2019
Civil Riots…err…Rights Lawyer Prashant Bhushan literally gets away with murder. But this time he might have pushed his luck too far.

Official Secrets Act: Fake equivalence of Bofors with Rafale

7th March 2019
English mainstream media is out of breath on the threat of Official Secrets Act being invoked against The Hindu and ANI, and lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Rafale.

And that’s what they made of Modi’s foreign tours all these years

4th March 2019
I want to bring you a capsule of jibes and insults smeared on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and name them who mocked his foreign visits so in his second term, you remember them for...

Don’t forgive or forget this “Deep State” which echoes Pakistan

2nd March 2019
India commanded attention from its citizens in the last two weeks.  In an uninterrupted stretch, Pulwama was followed by counter-attack on JeM in the Kashmir Valley,...

Ground MiG-21s so no Abhinandan is put to risk

1st March 2019
As Wing Commander Abhinandan rides an euphoria, let’s ground the MiG-21s (Mikoyan-Gurevich) which nearly cost his life and our country a near war. We are told that Indian Air...

Khajuraho, Islamic invaders and Mahatma Gandhi

25th February 2019
It’s easy to describe Khajuraho temples in bare facts. That the group of temples were constructed by kings of Chandela dynasty (9th-13th century) of Bundelkhand in Central...



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