Ashish Shukla

Modi was right. We were wrong. Protesting farmers are checkmated

9th February 2021
I sense the farmers’ protest has lost its steam and this round goes to Narendra Modi, that is if there is still 2.0 waiting. Not just ears, I have kept my eyes...

Modi stings like bee on “parasites”; embarrasses Manmohan

8th February 2021
Prime minister Narendra Modi spoke on farm laws and stung his critics as only he could in his Rajya Sabha address on Monday.

Greta Files: A horror plot which tells you of the danger our Indian Republic is in

4th February 2021
The “toolkit” released by child-activist Greta Thunberg, still in public domain despite her deleting and then rehashing it, is worth digging into to...

Greta Thunberg and other puppets: How do you mark them out? Never forgive, never forget

4th February 2021
  And see how they have reacted to Greta Thunberg, the child that she is, inadvertently releasing the document of Global Conspiracy against India and then...

Protesting farmers and a friendly neighbourhood: How deadly is cocktail?

3rd February 2021
So many Balidan, Shradhanjali and Sadbhavana Diwas etc after, so many talks after, so many rallies after, Republic Day after, things haven’t moved an inch....

India would burn as long as Conservatives are offering a free goal

30th January 2021
Read only if you are upset that farmers are still blocking our Singhus and Ghazipurs. And that both politicians and our media give a damn on Red Fort or that over...

How India deals with domestic terrorism: UAPA is not enough

30th January 2021
It’s a two-part piece: One, how India deals with domestic terrorism which would be our everyday life from now on. Two, why it would happen only when India has a...

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