Ashish Shukla

India’s democracy and its people are not on good terms: Why we are doomed

27th June 2021
India’s democracy and its people are as much on good terms as a whale is with a large schooling fish moving in unison. Both inhabit water without the same kind of...

How long would Rohit-Pujara-Kohli-Rahane line-up last for India in Tests?

25th June 2021
How long a vaunted batting line-up has lasted at its prime? There’s a batting set of Tendulkar-Ganguly-Laxman-Dravid-Sehwag which on an average did a dozen...

Who is this returning Arnab Goswami: A resuming one or a rogue one?

22nd June 2021
Arnab Goswami is back but in what shape we would see. He admits he and his network were in trouble for a year which is past him but one isn’t sure how the...

Where was Jadeja when India was plugging those worthless overs to Flying Kiwis?

21st June 2021
I was happy when India made 217. It was like 450 on a Faislabad track. Rose Bowl doesn’t look a pitch where batsmen would score a hundred. You are as much at home...

Bail to Activists: Judiciary is in danger of losing its moral authority

18th June 2021
I might be jumping the gun before Supreme Court takes up Delhi Police’s appeal to deny bail to three activists (Natasha Narwal, Devangana Kalita and Asif Iqbal...

Yogi shaming Rahul is no news for Lutyens Media: Why you didn’t read about it this morning!

16th June 2021
Yogi Adityanath has called Rahul Gandhi as one who has “never spoken truth in his life” and the Gandhi scion “should be ashamed of himself.” ...

A bureaucrat like few whose “Model Gaon” mission could transform India

16th June 2021
This man needs attention as does his work. Not many bureaucrats do what Dr Heera Lal does, certainly not where they view villages at the heart of India whose well-being...

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