Ashish Shukla

China looms large for honchos in Davos

21th January 2016
Imagine yourself in Davos, Switzerland today where world’s top corporations, celebrities and politicians have converged for the World Economic Forum.

“Manekshaw never wanted to take Dhaka"

13th January 2016
Lieutenant General JFR Jacob, who died on Wednesday, is worth a recount. He has left behind a saga which has evoked an endless debate like the one on Subhas Chandra Bose’...

Odd-even cars haven't helped Delhi

12th January 2016
Delhites, like me, have hailed the odd-even car experiment on its roads. But Prashant Kumar (a senior lecturer in wind engineering in University of Surrey), expresses his grave...

Durga Puja : Violent attacks on core Hindu belief

10th January 2016
There are violent incidents against religious Hindus during the Durga Puja in the Indian sub-continent and there is a history behind it.

North Korea’s H-Bomb claim: A hoax?

7th January 2016
North Korea has claimed a successful Hydrogen-Bomb test on Wednesday the veracity of which would be determined before this week is out.

Saudis have set off a time bomb in India too

5th January 2016
Saudi Arabia and its cohorts breaking off diplomatic ties with Iran is pure madness and has slid the Middle East closer to a devastating war.

Saudi monarchy is collapsing

28th December 2015
Is the Saudi monarchy coming apart at the seams? Scholars and journalists have long predicted the kingdom’s demise, but this time the forecasts may finally prove correct.



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