Ashish Shukla

TPP plots to cripple China

7th October 2015
Five years in the making and involving 40 percent of world’s trade, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been signed between United States and 11 other countries, namely,...

Russia shows up US Middle East Policy

5th October 2015
Vladimir Putin is smoking the hell out of terrorists in Syria and the world should be grateful for that. You could read below and contrast it with the reports you’ve been...

KISSINGER’S SHADOW: keeps increasing in sunset

1st October 2015
NewsBred is thrilled to bring exceptional articles from to our readers from today. The first piece is on --KISSINGER’S SHADOW: The Long Reach of...

Look at this to get the Big Picture

29th September 2015
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all over the Indian newspapers with his visit to Facebook headquarters and being courted by world’s top business honchos. But what was...

Why India hankers after UNSC permanent seat

27th September 2015
It is one of those seasons when we again hear India staking its claim for a permanent seat in the UNSC. Most educated Indians find it a banal pitch, a waste of time, one of those...

US, China must avoid a new Cold War

24th September 2015
Chinese president Xi Jinping is in United States for a week-long state visit. This, at a time when the Sino-US relations are at its lowest ebb. Among others, one reason is...

Nepal Crisis: China, India must reduce trust deficit

24th September 2015
Nepal is a small landlocked country sandwiched between two of world’s most ambitious and populous nations, China and India. It is strategically vital for both Asian...



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