Ashish Shukla

Indus Era: The Aryan theory propaganda

29th May 2016
“Decolonisation of our minds could only begin when we start to consider that our history might be what the others did not write. “ --  R. C. Majumdar

Of Pentagon, China, India and NSG

15th May 2016
The lead story by a thoroughbred journalist Chidanand Rajghatta in today’s Times of India is factually correct on both its major points: (a) China is building forces on...

“Lord Rama not a mythical character”

13th May 2016
D R Bhandarkar, the great Indian archaeologist, found evidence that Lord Rama, Ramayana and Mahabharata were not myths. Even NASA confirmed of a man-made bridge between India and...

’57 Mutiny Day: It’s modern relevance

11th May 2016
On the 159th anniversary of India’s First War of Independence 1857, commonly belittled as the Great Mutiny, we see a striking similarity in West’s methods.

And so Press Council asked “Indalit Express”

10th May 2016
With great delight readers we announce the forming of People’s Press Council. Regularly, we will analyse and ask a few questions to our mainsream media. You could add your...

The riddle Ramanujan left unsolved

6th May 2016
Ramanujan often said that it was Goddess Namagiri who worked out the theorems on his behalf. The half-starved Hindu was more than a match for the accumulated wisdom of West.

Indian media on Isa’s visa from now on

26th April 2016
Be ready to see from tomorrow our newspapers painted red with India’s “freedom” brigade outraged at the denial of visa to Dolkun Isa.



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