Ashish Shukla

Hell would’ve no place for these politicians and Lutyens Media for its lies

26th April 2021
The health ministers of Punjab, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand—all Congress-ruled States—held a virtual press conference with select media on Sunday and...

Who writes for Julio Ribeiro?: A question Fadnavis ought to ask Indian Express

24th April 2021
Is there somebody who is writing on behalf of former Mumbai police commissioner Julio Ribeiro? Or is there someone who is taking advantage of his advancing years—he...

Mamata cries not invited for PM-CM meet when it was only for high-burden states

23rd April 2021
West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee today complained that the prime minister Narendra Modi never invited her to day’s meet (with chief ministers) on Covid-19...

Why is India exporting vaccines? Why World and not India First?

23rd April 2021
All those who swoon on West pay attention. Think before you praise their leaders and their moral compass. That seductive LivesFirst or #BlackLivesMatter which has seized...

Finding the villain in this centrepiece of tragedy: If not now, then it’s never!

22nd April 2021
One of my ex-colleague in Lucknow couldn’t get a bed and she is no more; another colleague in Noida did but compares it to a butcher’s den, as if aprons have...

Gyanvapi Mosque: Those opposing petition, even Muslims, are barking up the wrong tree

18th April 2021
It is such an illiterate piece by Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar in Times of India today. A pillar of India’s largest selling English daily, Aiyar is...

Why mainstream media is India’s biggest villains: Check out these instances

18th April 2021
We in NewsBred think that Mainstream Media is India’s biggest villain. They are in business of brainwashing readers. We, in not letting it happen. So a digest, from...

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