Ashish Shukla

Cong. fears “WikiLeaks” of hacked accounts

3rd December 2016
First it was the twitter handle of Rahul Gandhi which was hacked on Wednesday. The next morning, the official handle of the Indian National Congress was compromised. Jittery and...

The Fake News vs. Real News debate

29th November 2016
A few days ago, Major Surendra Poonia made an angry tweet: “Yesterday one TOI (Times of India) reporter asked me when I was waiting at HDFC Bank ATM…”Do you have...

Where’s Your Freedom of Expression, TOI?

18th November 2016
Times of India in its editorial today (see pic) has cried bucketful on the “harmful” influence of social media on the “news-professionals” like them, and...

Next one week of demonetization drive

16th November 2016
The entire thrust of opposition, in cahoots with propaganda siren of mainstream media in full blast, is about the inconvenience of the poor man. That he is made to stand in queue...

Left-Liberals control media: Goswami

6th November 2016
India’s most-watched television anchor, Arnab Goswami has dropped a broad hint on his next move after his decision to leave Times Now. In the India Ideas Conclave 2016 in Goa...

Rahul-Kejri Act: What your media didn’t report!

3rd November 2016
If you haven’t been on social media bandwagon by now, it’s time you did. Some extremely sharp observations by twitterati would leave any fan of Rahul Gandhi and Arvind...

Tipu Sultan & his cruelty towards Hindus

23th October 2016
Despite their success in Bengal and control over the sea, the British were far from being the masters of India. The Marathas would remain the biggest threat to their hegemony for...

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