Ashish Shukla

What made Kejriwal term Navneet Kalra as one of the “Makers of Delhi”?

10th May 2021
Indian Express never fails to disappoint me. I didn’t expect any mention of Navneet Kalra on front page and it isn’t there. Even the story inside...

Indian Express is after UP on Covid-19: When the State is nowhere among the worst 12 States

8th May 2021
Indian Express is running a series on Covid-19 situation in Uttar Pradesh. Naturally, the newspaper feels there are a lot of bones to pick against the Yogi Adityanath...

It’s a corporate media, not for you and me: Or these news you wouldn’t have missed!

7th May 2021
What hopes could you nurture from Corporate Media? Corporate Media by its very definition is a media catering to only rich and powerful. It has no space for ordinary...

Don’t be a Prithviraj Chauhan; You’d have a Muhammad Ghori on Delhi’s throne

5th May 2021
Why are you upset that Bengal is bringin home news of violence and deaths? What’s so strange about 20,000 Hindus near the border having been herded into an...

Bengal begs a solution: Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

4th May 2021
It’s not yet Direct Action Day of 1946, and neither Mohammad Ali Jinnah nor Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy are reborn yet but Hindus are at the receiving end. Every...

BJP would meet the same fate in 2026 if it ignores these lessons

3rd May 2021
I am disappointed when those who supposedly have ears of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are swooning that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has had a 25 times jump from its 3...

Mr Chandrachud, would you haul DM Aligarh for asking a question to Rana Ayyub?

1st May 2021
There is little reason not to support the observation of the Supreme Court that “people seeking help on social media” shouldn’t be booked. This is...

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