Bhumika Arora

Remembering Suriname for R-Day is India’s outreach to "Pravasi" Indians

16th January 2021
Chandrikapersad Santokhi, set to arrive as chief guest for Republic Day parade on January 26, has put the focus on Suriname, the smallest country in Latin America, also...

China is putting hurdles for WHO probing Coronavirus origin

15th January 2021
China is posing all problems it could to stop World Health Organisation (WHO) begin its probe into the origin of Coronavirus pandemic, deepening suspicions on its role in...

NCERT doesn’t know why its school-books are lauding Mughal emperors!

14th January 2021
It’s a reflection of India’s present school books, and the “lies” it could be teaching innocent youngs, when National Council of Education...

How Rabindranath Thakur became Rabindranath Tagore: And you say we shouldn’t mind

13th January 2021
Attempting to spell in English has become that computer game where, no matter what, you eventually had to lose. Spelling and pronunciation are definitely not the first...

Social Media would be regulated soon if history is any guide

11th January 2021
Social Media is a way of life now. But it’s darker side is being more and more manifest, says Dr Aim Sinpeng, a lecturer in University of Sydney who has brought out...

What explains the hold of commies in Kerala; and why BJP lags

7th January 2021
Kerala, a state often seen to be of exceptional indices also offers rich flavours of political spices. Since its formation, the state has witnessed different hues of...

Trump’s supporters storm US Capitol; Modi distressed at “unlawful protests”

7th January 2021
The United States erupted in trouble as supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday though it wasn’t limited to Washington alone. At...

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