Harpal Singh Bedi

Their heart ticked on the beat of Indian hockey, never mind even when times were bad

19th August 2021
Indian hockey is riding on a euphoria The National team has won an Olympic medal, a bronze after 41 years and for some old timers it was a "dream come true"  

7 Medallists and then there were others, some unsung: Tokyo Olympics

10th August 2021
India opened and closed its participation in the Tokyo Olympics in a dramatic and classy fashion like of which country has never done before in these Quadrangular...

Olympic Games: When airlines refused to pick Gill in view of Khalistanis’ threat

23rd July 2021
Called the greatest show on earth, the Olympic Games are celebration of human excellence, behaviour and endeavour. It is dream of every athlete on the planet to take part...

From Bachchan to Ambani, “Gold” is the call for Tokyo Olympics: Is it fair?

22nd July 2021
Sports fans are watching advertisements on Sony TV in which Bollywood super stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, IOC member Neeta Ambani, Union law minister (till...

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