Sanjay K. Sharma

Islamic scholars quote Quran in favour of Jews and their Holy Land

4th September 2020
After the historic peace pact between Israel and UAE, Jared Kushner, son in law of President Donald Trump and key architect of Middle East policies was optimistic when he...

Saudi “departure” that world ignored on historic Israel-UAE flight

3rd September 2020
US-Israeli delegation led by Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and White House advisor, left Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv on Monday.  ...

Karachi sinks under floods: Imran gets buckets of curses

31th August 2020
Torrential rains have wreaked havoc in Pakistan’s financial capital city Karachi, which is also its most -populous city urban conglomerate.  

Imran moves to win over Afghanistan--As a booty for China

29th August 2020
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan rang up the chairman of Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation, Dr Abdullah Abdullah this week. It was to invite the...

The Pakistani way of outlawing Baloch groups; and shielding Hafizs and Masoods

25th August 2020
Pakistani establishment is back to its old ways of banning its sponsored terrorist organisations whenever global financial watchdog is about to roar. Now also, as the...

Delusional Pakistan wants to head Islamic Ummah -- as a puppet of China of course

21th August 2020
Sniffing a wedge in the Muslim world, after the US brokered peace deal between Israel and UAE, the Pakistani Prime Minister played his card by positioning himself as a...

Why our Javed Akhtars and Mahesh Bhatts silent on Saba Qamar?

17th August 2020
I hope you didn’t miss. A Pakistani actor and singer were recently booked by Lahore police on Saturday. Saba Qamar had featured in Bollywood hit “Hindu...

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