Sanjay K. Sharma

Hindus being treated as second-class citizens: Kapil Mishra

18th May 2019
No-nonsense social activist/politician Kapil Mishra, once with Aam Aadmi Party and a minister in the Capital, took out a street march with hundreds of his followers on...

Amazon withdraws offensive products after Hindus' uproar

17th May 2019
The US-based e-commerce global giant, Amazon was forced to withdraw online sale of products with offensive images of Hindu gods after it received a severe backlash from...

Somebody kills, someone killed but Indian Express can only spot ghosts

15th May 2019
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recently gave an interview to Indian Express where he tore apart the newspaper’s claims of being a “Journalism of...

Violence has come in waves in Bengal this 2019 elections

13th May 2019
Nine remaining constituencies—Dumdum, Barasat, Basirhat, Joyagar, Mathurapur, Diamond Harbour, Jadavpur, Kol Dakshin and Kol Uttar—of the 42 seats in all in...

Gambhir stung by Kejri's gutter-level politics

11th May 2019
As the dust settles down finally on fierce campaigning in the Capital, particularly in East Delhi constituency, Bhartiya Janata Party candidate and ex-cricketer Gautam...

Slapped with FIR, Pitroda has put Congress on a spot

10th May 2019
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, Bhartiya Janata Party’s spokesperson of Delhi unit, has lodged an FIR (First Information Report) against Satyan Gangaram Pitroda alias Sam...

While defending Rajiv Gandhi, Congress has stirred up a hornet’s nest

9th May 2019
It’s raining bricks and only bricks for the Gandhi dynasty as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has retaliated with a ferocity once Congress dynasts and the rest of the...

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