Sanjay K. Sharma

Maneka’s remarks spark off a cynical theory

13th April 2019
Maneka Gandhi, Union minister for Women and Child Development, ignited a controversy when she addressed a Muslim gathering in her constituency, almost warning  them...

Congress sinks to new low on Army veterans’ “fake letter”

13th April 2019
The claim to discredit the government took a nosedive and a controversy erupted when the Armed Forces veterans denied having signed a letter, which surfaced on the social...

Why Imran sees Modi as best bet for Kashmir Accord

11th April 2019
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan backing Narendra Modi in forthcoming Lok Sabha polls may have caused a storm in India’s political circles but its reasons...

Pandit Jasraj among 907 in support of Modi

10th April 2019
Celebrated writers and artistes, numbering over 900, have pledged a petition in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s re-election on the eve of the Lok Sabha...

Lutyens Media, NASA ire on India’s ASAT test is baseless

5th April 2019
The Lutyens’ lobby (just google), which lapped up the hardline stance of NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who characterized Indian Anti Satellite test as...

Not even a murmur on Neha Shourie from Lutyens Media

2nd April 2019
The killing of Punjab’s Food and Drug Administration woman officer Ms Neha Shourie in her office in Kharar, in Mohali district of Punjab recently has sent...

Congress Manifesto release: Rahul Gandhi repeats "Rs 15-lakh" lie

2nd April 2019
It’s almost sickening that anti-Modi brigade drums up the fake charge of Prime Minister Narendra Modi promising Rs 15 lakhs to each citizen of the country before...



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