Veeresh Malik

Who, what and how is Indian Express? A world beyond Ramnath Goenka

11th August 2020
Jimmy Lai's arrest in Hong Kong is an attack on free speech if you read the Anglo-Saxon media. 

Kovind and the naysayers on Bhoomi Pujan: Should we talk of `castes’ amongst Muslims?

10th August 2020
Seafarers from my era led interesting lives, in as much as whilst our friends were just about finishing school, we were already with a few global voyages or more in the...

Indian Matchmaking: Provider yes, but also gigolos & bimbos in the patio please

8th August 2020
So out of sheer boredom and because a friend from Bollywood asked me to take a look without being pre-biased, I sat through a couple of hours of a serial called Indian...

Progenies of slavers shouldn’t look for privileges—nor get ones--in new India

6th August 2020
 Symbolic changes are extremely important to help rebuild a Nation. The ceremonies around the Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan laying are one such example by which we remind...

Why August 5, 2020 is breaking down of a symbol of slavery in India

5th August 2020
Seaports across the world were part of the slavery trade, either outbound, or inbound. Indian seaports were no exception. Seaports across the world have built and...

35 years ago, “Mandir Wahin Banayenge” on a wall, that got me started

4th August 2020
About 35 years ago, I was asked to visit Lucknow on some work pertaining to inland cargo movements for imports and exports, and landed up there to meet up with an...

Restaurants, without online food, could lose in post-Covid world

4th August 2020
Eating out changed from being fuel for the family to the centre of our activities outside home a few decades ago. Along with disposable or surplus incomes, came this...

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