Veeresh Malik

Do you really own your own property?: Check now before it’s too late

26th March 2021
How easy, or difficult, is it to "make" over 2 lakhs or even more, fake home loan accounts in India? Anybody who has tried to take a genuine home loan account...

Hafta and Monthly in Mumbai: A city where a hotel could come up on a bridge

22nd March 2021
Nobody gave any hafta, therefore nobody received any hafta, and the goat screamed the loudest before being slaughtered. Luckily for all, Telgi died without what he...

Why Gelatin, Why Ambani and Why Mumbai? Let me help you connect the dots

20th March 2021
Gelatin dynamite is, by itself, not really dangerous if transported as per the basic and simple precautions involved. Merchant seafarers are amongst the few civilians,...

No crop burning, no Diwali, no heavy traffic: Still Delhi is most polluted in world!!!

18th March 2021
This is the Air Quality Index in and around Delhi right now (image below). There are no crops being burnt. Diwali is not happening. Traffic on the otherwise busy roads...

India’s Gig Economy: Its workers are humans, not mules—and even they are packed with care!

13th March 2021
My foray into professional writing started with being a hobby that helped pay my bills too. Way back in the '80s, when I would bang my "pieces" out on a manual...

Where do you think Citizen is at the centre: Panchayat or Municipality?

5th March 2021
Lately, lots of Panchayats and Municipalities elections are becoming front-page news, more so if AAP or Congress do well in some dusty hamlets. An educated guess of...

Are you a Wannabe Climate-Activist? I’m sorry there is this little matter you need to answer yourself

24th February 2021
Lets say you are an Indian climate-activist. Or that you want to do all you could to save humanity from its so-called existential threat. Here’s a reality-check....

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