Veeresh Malik

What Indian employers don’t see in their people: An issue which is bigger than labour laws

29th July 2021
It is not labour laws in India that are the issue. It is employer attitudes. And history teaches us that post-pandemic presents an opportunity to improve matters for...

Zomato has come up jumping through the hoops: It’s sauce is meritocracy

24th July 2021
"Zomato is now worth more than many bespoke large companies in India". The names don't really matter, what matters is that meritocracy has triumphed -in India, once again...

Delhi’s liquor policy is stacked against domestic producers: But you could enjoy dance bars till 3 a.m!

23rd July 2021
In continuation of my Part 1 analysis of the recently issued Delhi Liquor Policy 2021-22, which can be seen here in all its pride, glory and obeisance...

Delhi’s Liquor Policy has a foul smell and you only need to read the fine print

21st July 2021
Delhi has been blessed with a new excise (liquor) policy for the year 2021-2022 which on the face of it claims to have as its first and primary objective...

How to make money in India: What these two individuals know is invaluable

12th June 2021
We had two real neighbours when I was growing up as a child in Defence Colony, New Delhi, in the '60s. On one side was a famous Barrister, as modest and...

Dear Mai-Baap Sarkar: #ShowMeTheData

5th June 2021
The last few months have been very turbulent, the last few days even more so, and I therefore try to make a short, quick article on some of the questions I have been...

Navneet Kalra saga: Not the best of times for a few who know or knew him

21st May 2021
The Enforcement Directorate has registered a case of money-laundering against businessman Navneet Kalra and he has been booked under the Prevention of Money Laundering...

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