Veeresh Malik

Narcotics and Gambling are now fed to infants in cartoon movies: What’s the design?

21st September 2020
Almost one decade ago I was invited to visit the Delhi offices of a huge Western media corporation. This particular meeting was about promoting a particular cartoon...

Look beyond morons waving bra straps; Kangana’s message is deeper

18th September 2020
Let's start by stating a simple fact - probably 90% of the influence peddlers in Bollywood would not know the proper expansion and spelling of AI, leave alone understand...

How Covid-19 has helped rural economy: And what we Urbans could learn

17th September 2020
"The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing day by day in India". This is conventional wisdom and probably very true too. As an observation.

One state where Britishers created colonial clubs but could never own them up

15th September 2020
To start with, they are extremely wealthy, and try hard not to show it. Next, of all the Clubs in India, members are the proudest about their heritage as Colonial...

The rickshaw-puller you see has no papers: and he buys his own “free food” at market price

13th September 2020
Not far from my home is a Delhi Metro "junction", Lajpat Nagar, a change-over point for the Pink Line underground and the Violet Line above-ground. Very busy location,...

All bearded and brown, what it’s like travelling to US on 9/11

12th September 2020
For years after the original 11th September incident happened, I made sure I flew from India to the US on the 11th of September, for no other reason but to see how it was...

Colonialism in Nizam’s Territory: More Abdul & Victoria stuff here than elsewhere

10th September 2020
Colonial Rule in much of what we knew as "Nizam's Territory" was, along with Andhra, Telengana, parts of modern-day Karnataka and Maharashtra, all the way to adjacent...

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