Veeresh Malik

Block roads, rails, ships, whatever: Indian farmers can’t be held to slavery anymore

26th September 2020
What has been the hallmark of conflicts globally, but especially after the Second World War, when two major changes happened? Simple - grabbing natural resources so that...

If MSP alone is panacea to farmers’ ills, you have another think coming

25th September 2020
"While the Shanta Kumar committee report had pointed out in 2015 that just six per cent of India’s farmers benefitted from MSP operations—that is,...

Ever thought why it wasn’t cool to marry a farmer in India when it was so everywhere else?

24th September 2020
In Part 1, I finished with a brief hint on agri-produce logistics as it emerged in India in the post-947 era. Very briefly, it was simple - movement of any form of...

Journos, Politicians: How many of you have actually moved agri-produce from farm to fork?

23th September 2020
Overnight, I received a fair amount of responses to the previous article on the subject of the Farm Bills 2020 in India, and my references to Kolkata...

Why our mainstream media is against Farm reforms? Blame it to their links to Kolkata

22th September 2020
Why is your mainstream media so strongly against the Farm Bill 2020 in India, a friend who is also into agriculture abroad asked me, what can be so wrong about freedom of...

Narcotics and Gambling are now fed to infants in cartoon movies: What’s the design?

21th September 2020
Almost one decade ago I was invited to visit the Delhi offices of a huge Western media corporation. This particular meeting was about promoting a particular cartoon...

Look beyond morons waving bra straps; Kangana’s message is deeper

18th September 2020
Let's start by stating a simple fact - probably 90% of the influence peddlers in Bollywood would not know the proper expansion and spelling of AI, leave alone understand...

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