Veeresh Malik

Where do you think Citizen is at the centre: Panchayat or Municipality?

5th March 2021
Lately, lots of Panchayats and Municipalities elections are becoming front-page news, more so if AAP or Congress do well in some dusty hamlets. An educated guess of...

Are you a Wannabe Climate-Activist? I’m sorry there is this little matter you need to answer yourself

24th February 2021
Lets say you are an Indian climate-activist. Or that you want to do all you could to save humanity from its so-called existential threat. Here’s a reality-check....

Spot the “Chuskis” who call you “Bhakts”: And they are not just in Bengaluru or toolkit-ers

23rd February 2021
In Part One, I explained what a "snowflake" was and is. Many people wrote in to ask me for more on the subject of "snowflakes", especially within the Indian context,...

Now that “Bhakt” is an abuse, what do you think you should say in return?

22nd February 2021
For some yet unknown reason, the term "bhakt" is used as a pejorative against pretty much anybody who professes to be pro-India, regardless of all other affinities. Which...

It was time Delhi Gymkhana was brought to book; there are many more clean-ups awaiting

18th February 2021
I have written about Colonial remnant type Clubs in India here in Newsbred in the past also. There must be a large number, probably a few thousand of which most...

Slowly but surely, Cops are getting hold of Red Fort rioters on the run. How?

12th February 2021
Using Facial Biometrics to nab the bad guys is all over the Indian media lately - and the usual morons are howling about "privacy", so what exactly is it?...

Why India, the new breadbasket of world, is upsetting our erstwhile slave-masters

5th February 2021
At its simplest, once you have cut through all the noise and static, it comes down to this - no other food surplus country in the world can clean and turn-around a...

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