Veeresh Malik

The rickshaw-puller you see has no papers: and he buys his own “free food” at market price

13th September 2020
Not far from my home is a Delhi Metro "junction", Lajpat Nagar, a change-over point for the Pink Line underground and the Violet Line above-ground. Very busy location,...

All bearded and brown, what it’s like travelling to US on 9/11

12th September 2020
For years after the original 11th September incident happened, I made sure I flew from India to the US on the 11th of September, for no other reason but to see how it was...

Colonialism in Nizam’s Territory: More Abdul & Victoria stuff here than elsewhere

10th September 2020
Colonial Rule in much of what we knew as "Nizam's Territory" was, along with Andhra, Telengana, parts of modern-day Karnataka and Maharashtra, all the way to adjacent...

Kolkata: A city where we idiots beam in front of our neo-Colonial symbols of slavery

8th September 2020
As we meander from the neo-Colonial baggage of nepotism-laced Clubs in Delhi and Mumbai towards Kolkata, a moment set aside to drop in at the Mother or all Symbols of...

Mumbai is in news for all the wrong reasons: But then nobody told you about “Gateway”

6th September 2020
This article was supposed to carry forward the previous read about the Delhi Gymkhana with one on the Breach Candy Club in Mumbai, but went off into an...

Sharing wall with PM’s residence, this Baby-BaBa log land is a massive risk

5th September 2020
A huge hotel with over 100 beds spread over 40 cottages on a parcel of land right next to the most sensitive and security impacted part of New Delhi. It calls itself a...

India can solve its Partition within; you only need to know its knobs

27th August 2020
Fortyfive years ago, I was on a Japanese built ship which had just been bought second-hand from a bankrupt owner out of Hong Kong, delivery taken in Canada, where the...

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