Veeresh Malik

Money always leaves trail: And don’t you think this government is sitting on its bum

27th January 2021
In the midst of the outrage over the insurrection by so-called "farmers" in Delhi on Republic Day are some simple facts which tend to get covered up as binaries and...

For every Tandav and Nawab, there is a Baahubali: May this tribe grow

22nd January 2021
To understand the controversy around the television serial TANDAV, one has to look way beyond Amazon, and dig deeper into the reasons behind such provocations from the...

How could farmers’ tractors rally be denied R-Day grandstage? Easy, I say

19th January 2021
The Hindustan Times carries an article on this year's Republic Day Parade in Delhi and who can attend. I quote - “They said only 4,000 people from the general...

Supreme Court, almost overnight, is less intimidating

13th January 2021
With one stroke of a pen, the Supreme Court of India has come centre-stage like never before, on the Farm Laws issue. Across India, much more than anything else, and way...

Why Modi is opposed by “Globalists”: Canada’s interest in our farms is a clue

10th January 2021
Tell people what they want to hear, and they will eat out of your hands. The 100 random MPs and Lords from England are no doubt really worried more about this and India's...

Anglo-Saxon world collapsing: Why Indian media is stuck in “Uncle Tom Syndrome”?

8th January 2021
To anybody but the voluntarily blind colonial slaves, the Anglo-Saxon world of dollar hegemony is collapsing faster than the speed at which Great Britain finds its map...

Why be surprised if Kohli invests in gaming cos? That’s where big money is headed

7th January 2021
Disclosure - as an ex-seafarer who was sailing under the Indian flag, I was personally impacted by probably the earliest cricketer + filmstar combo endorsement...

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