Veeresh Malik

Courtiers jump Congress' sinking ship; and so would Mughals' children

23th August 2020
This morning's Indian Express carries a multi-level scoop. It appears to have been missed by the rest of the media.  

Who’s afraid of electric cars? Who else but automobile manufacturers

22th August 2020
I haven't attempted a motoring column for a long long time, because pretty much all of the motoring media bijnus had gone into the CorpComm and PR game, but the Pandemic...

Moaners on high-end restaurants are mostly Page-3 puffs in our newspapers

20th August 2020
Here are three articles related to each other. The first one talks about how 40% of restaurants in India will probably not re-open because of the Pandemic...

As elites worry on Bhushan's jail, what about “contempt” for us ordinary folks?

19th August 2020
Early this morning a very good friend who lives in the jungle and by the sea, has a life in industry, media and wildlife, works on water and on land, called me up from a...

“Akhand Paths” in Shaheen Bagh: I mean how far we are from it?

17th August 2020
Meanwhile, out there in the streets, while India was celebrating Independence Day 2020 and suffering the meltdown on their cricketing heroes, events were shaking the...

Who, what and how is Indian Express? A world beyond Ramnath Goenka

11th August 2020
Jimmy Lai's arrest in Hong Kong is an attack on free speech if you read the Anglo-Saxon media. 

Kovind and the naysayers on Bhoomi Pujan: Should we talk of `castes’ amongst Muslims?

10th August 2020
Seafarers from my era led interesting lives, in as much as whilst our friends were just about finishing school, we were already with a few global voyages or more in the...

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