Veeresh Malik

You must’ve read of “Poor Farmers” but never really met them: Here’s your chance

5th December 2020
All of the last few days I have been listening to different variants of "but think of the poor farmer" in context with the Farm Acts 2020 and the agitation against its...

Farmers’ don’t push it too far: India would find its’ wheat-paddy in other Punjabs

2nd December 2020
It is in the nature of a market that it does not like extortion. If somebody has a monopoly on a commodity, and gets too greedy on its pricing, very soon the market, if...

Agitating farmers, it’s beyond you to block Delhi: Why not sit and discuss?

30th November 2020
Historically, a siege of Delhi has never succeeded, though Delhi has been plundered over the ages. The present blockade of some few roads into Delhi is being over-played...

Punjab’s farmers are doing better elsewhere than in own State: Any idea, Sirji?

29th November 2020
Once again, like last winter, a major arterial road into and out of Delhi is blocked. This time by farmers from nearby, who first blocked their own railway lines, and...

The façade of restoring Art. 370 masks the Business of Opium: Bravo, Kashmiri dynasts

28th November 2020
The biggest change that the abolition of Article 370 has brought about is that the State Border for Kashmir now ends before the roads from Kashmir enter the plains and...

Meet Ahmed Patel Jr, a success story like few and needs be told to gaping mouths

27th November 2020
Faisal Patel, son of the late Ahmed Patel, self-describes himself as "Faisal Patel, Exponential Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Value Investor-Synergies in Healthcare,...

Ahmed Patel and his links to the 12th Road, the most important one in The Game

25th November 2020
Here in India, we say good things about anybody and everybody who passes on to the next world, and there is no exception on Ahmed Patel or Ahmedbhai Mohammedbhai Patel of...

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