Veeresh Malik

What do migrant labours eat in Delhi? And why other states are a better option?

24th November 2020
At any given time, there are a dozen or more house construction as well as re-construction or major repair projects underway within a few hundred metres radius of where I...

Covid-19 would soon be Covid-21: But our CM is busy “masking” it with fines

22nd November 2020
After much debate on how firecrackers were and are responsible for air pollution in and around Delhi and NCR, as well as massive taxpayer resources expended on preventing...

“DefCol”: What’s in a name? Well, a lot if New India matters to you

21st November 2020
Sometime in August 2020, I placed a simple Public Grievance online with the Ministry of Home Affairs, seeking a change in the name of Defence Colony, New Delhi - 110024,...

A street called India: Where the Might of the Law is at its nakedest

18th November 2020
My first step ashore as a seafarer to Singapore in 1975, as soon as the boat brought us to Clifford Pier, was right into the smiling arms of the Law. A tall, genial,...

Why is Kejri now public with his religion? Who paid for his ads? We, of course

15th November 2020
Diwali in India is now over, firecracker ban was imposed and largely followed or not followed on quiet streets depending on who you want to believe, and the Chief...

Diwali and the absurd criminalizing of a civilization: Back to George Orwell’s dystopia in India

13th November 2020
Air quality in Delhi at the quietest time - dawn, is like this, on the day before Diwali (see image below). And a complete civilisation, a culture spread from Indo-China...

Delhi and its sham fight against Covid-19, air pollution: Anyone these 5 steps please?

12th November 2020
Rich hobby cyclists whiz past wearing fancy clothes, multi-coloured and helmets, visibly without masks as that interferes with their morning exercise, whilst commuter...

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