Veeresh Malik

Cell Towers, your unfriendly neighbourhood: It’s like a driver issuing driving licence to self

9th November 2020
The issue of mobile phone and telecom towers in the vicinity of your home and office has started giving people figurative and literal nightmares lately. Here's a list of...

The promise of 10-lakh jobs: When there are multiples of this number outside Bihar

2nd November 2020
Bihar is the State in New India that welcomed many of my extended family after 1947, and that is a debt some of the elders in our family made us promise we would never...

Ask him: your private guard is unwashed while you spray your cars and cats

23rd October 2020
7am to 8am or so is typically when private security guards exchange night and day duties. You will see them, mostly walking or cycling, inbound often looking as tired and...

Why Indian media isn’t concerned about Indian interests? Unlike Khaleej or Straits Times?

20th October 2020
I have been guilty of leave without absence, multiple reasons, one of them being an attempt to complete a long-form article on the actual true ownership of India's...

Times when I faced my own Shaheen Baghs and SC was the Big God

8th October 2020
Many decades ago, before Indian Railways became better at moving container traffic on trains and certainly before the advent of Container Corporation of India...

Moaners on a year’s education gone to pandemic: What they could learn from my Chachi

6th October 2020
Like many Partition widows, the eldest paternal Aunt was called Chachi or Bhabhi or BeBe or Big Grandma, and for those growing up around her variously, she was also very...

Atal Tunnel: When prepaid media didn’t exist and tourists were not invented

5th October 2020
Somewhere in the noise in the prepaid mainstream media has been drowned out the actual revival of an ancient trade and pilgrimage route. Now an important 3rd axis land...

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